Arnaud Eubelen is a Belgian designer based in Brussels. For the exhibition, he created two pieces, After (long seat) and Vice Caché (cabinet). Arnaud mainly works with leftover materials which he also did for this exhibition. The transparent long seat is an ode to revelation, self-learning and relaxation with which he wanted to create the surprise of comfort by using an unconventional material like this soft transparent PVC sheet normally used to protect tablecloths. The music piece created by Cedric Elisabeth at the same time reminded him of old house parties and the strange confrontation between rest and the desire to party - two contexts or body situations which seem opposite in energy but for him favor self-revelation and the urge to share it.

The cabinet was made to hide things in a semi closed space and protect it from our desire to take it. He found his inspiration in the idea of an anti-climbing system to protect the private space and colorful glass work you can find in a church. The doors were made out of broken parts of old glass bottles which used to contain alcohol. The interpretations of these different choices were multiple; protection, hurting, hiding, camouflage sacralization. But what he really liked with this piece was the “facade” of the object and how it was made out of alcohol bottles - a substance known to reveal the truth.

After (chair) 2022
Soft pvc sheet, steel, chipboard, foam, textile, stickers

Vice Caché (cabinet) 2022
Eternit panel, steel, broken glass bottled, aluminum, glass, led tube