Oliver Sundqvist is a Danish artist based in Copenhagen. For the exhibition, he created a parasol-esque object. The piece reflects how we open up and close to new possibilities, how we get hurt, try to protect ourselves, how we seek new beginnings, feel like outsiders, try to fix issues and finally find the right place in the world.

Put into the base. You are protected.
You will have social happiness in life.
Secure the handle located towards the stand.
Comfort financially.
Turn clockwise to secure in place.
Open to new possibilities.
Locate the locking handle on the side. Feeling an outsider.
Unlock by pulling the handle. Shading something from someone.
Your heart is closed. Don't hurt. Protection in life.
New start.
Multiple new starts.
Fixing an issue in life. Push the handle up.
Broken heart. Many opportunities.
Until it is at your desired height.
Someone will pay you attention.

CAPRI (parasol) 2022
Metal, fabric, foam, paint accessories,
ready-mades, silver, gold